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Associate Professor, S P Jain School of Global 


‘The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide is a brilliant summary of anecdotes that have a message for young, budding entrepreneurs and family business successors. Priyanka Gupta Zielinski has also very beautifully captured tacit learnings from her father and transformed them into life lessons. Relatable and easy to understand, this is a fantastic book!’

‘A thought-provoking book that seamlessly integrates the lived experiences of a second generational female stakeholder in multiple business families. Priyanka Zielinski has an incredible ability to dig deep into her life and express lightly with candour. An enriching read for business leaders eager to make a positive difference to their enterprises and families’


Schlesinger Grossman Chair of Family Business, 

University of Vermont Grossman School of Business


Associate Director, Thomas

‘The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide lucidly captures the informal yet important communications within a business family, the stakes of the family in the business and the rich resources basket that the family is for the business and each member. “Shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations” might be an adage of the past if more family businesses read books such as this!’


The Ultimate Family Business Survival Guide is a must-read for all women entrepreneurs and especially those who are part of family businesses in India’

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